Upcoming Philosophical Thriller Movie – The Pickup Artist – Makes It To An International Film Festival In New York

Rohit Arora’s directorial debut “The Pickup Artist” makes it to East x Northeast International Film Festival in New York. He claims to have invented a new genre called “Philosophical Thriller” while he worked organically on the movie for years.

“Going ahead with an absolutely no compromise approach on my debut movie, there was literally nothing I wouldn’t do to make it a masterpiece in cinema.

Just like a Painter, this Movie was my canvas; I started painting something abstract and then added colors to those shapes and sizes. Though labeled as a thriller, the thrill is merely a tool to communicate what the film is trying to say;


If the subject matter and philosophy behind it moves you in any way, I will consider it a successful attempt in making this movie. Actually, it should hit you hard. Very Hard.

And it will grow on you in the years to come.” exclaims Rohit excitedly after the invitation from New York. The Hinglish movie features theatre personalities like Dev Chauhan and supermodel Samapti Patra in the leading roles and is up for India release this year. While the article was being edited, the film also got selected for Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival in Mumbai.