This Is How Numerologist Nitaa Chhabriaa Predicted Oscar Wins For RRR And The Elephant Whisperers

This Is How Numerologist Nitaa Chhabriaa Predicted Oscar Wins For RRR And The Elephant Whisperers

The significance of numbers and alphabets when predicted rightly  gives a glimpse of the future of the concerned and the consulting  person and that is what famous numerologist Nitaa Chhabriaa does with such accuracy that she already has an  impressive clientele list and her popularity in taking her expertise in the field of numerology is  increasing day by day.

Recently, Nitaa Chhabriaa accurately predicted the Oscar wins for RRR and The Elephant Whisperers. Yes, you heard it right! While the world was thinking whether both the Oscar nominated Indian  films would be able to win Oscars or not, Nitaa was 100% sure about India’s glory at the Oscars this time. It might have surprised many but for her predicting the biggest events of life is a very easy task.

Elated about her prediction about India getting two Oscars coming true Nitaa said, “This is the new era for Indian films. This was the 95th Oscars Ceremony so the ‘network’ of the film comes to 5 and this number supports the film fantastically. There was already a high chance of RRR and The Elephant Wispherers to win Oscars and make India proud with their victories. And that is what exactly has happened.” She further says, “9+5 = 14 and the total of 1+4 comes to 5 which basically means ‘network’. 5 has a vibration value of ‘network’ and so this time our networking has worked big time in our favour. Day by day our networking is becoming stronger and its reach is increasing at a rapid pace. Hence, this is the beginning of the new era for our Indian films”.

Nitaa Chhabriaa not only accurately predicted our shot to fame at Oscars but she also claims that she knew about the decent box office returns  of Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor movie ‘Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar’. The vibration value of this film is 63 which when added separately (6+3) comes to 9 which proved to be a lucky number for the film.

Notably, The clientele list of Nitaa Chhabriaa not only consists of impressive people from all walks of life who have tremendous faith in her numerological predictions but many Bollywood celebrities too are her clients who take  her numerological  services on a regular basis. “Yes, it is true that many Bollywood celebs are also my clients but I can’t take names of any of them for obvious reasons”, says Nitaa smilingly.

Interestingly, she is a  practicing numerologist  since last 12 years but it has never been just a profession for her. She is equally passionate about numerology and calls it her ‘first and only love’ apart from her family. And it shows the way she handles each and every client of her irrespective of whether someone is an ordinary person or a big industralist or any movie star. She takes personal care of each of her client and gives them the best advice possible. “Making my clients is my only motto in life.”

Nitaa Chhabriaa obviously don’t consider any of her client as her ‘patient’ but she likes to take care of her clients as a ‘doctor’. Talking about the dimension she shares with her clients Nitaa said, “A doctor is a person who is always concerned about his/her patients and that is the exact way how I take care of my clients. I don’t believe in taking just a 45 minute session to advise  my client but I also guide them through their problems and stay with them till their problem is resolved and they feel better after taking my services. I believe in giving true value for their money and that is the satisfaction I get through my profession which is my passion too.”

Nitaa’s forte is not numerology alone but she is also an expert in pranic healing, signature and visiting card analysis, grapholoy, crystal healing, neuro-linguistic programming and counselling, vastu consultation, aroma healing and above all she is also a great motivational speaker! “Donning so many hats at the same time gives me a high which I can’t express in words. Unless, everything I know helps all my clients and make  their life and future better, nothing ever is going to bother me”, she signs off in style.


This Is How Numerologist Nitaa Chhabriaa Predicted Oscar Wins For RRR And The Elephant Whisperers