Blossoms In Bloom – A Floral Fantasy Paintings Exhibition By Artist Sandhya Manne In Jehangir

Blossoms In Bloom – A Floral Fantasy Paintings Exhibition By Artist Sandhya Manne In Jehangir

From: 12th to 18th September 2023

“Blossoms in Bloom: A Floral Fantasy”

An Exhibition of Paintings

By contemporary artist SANDHYA MANNE


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G.Road,

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

Timing: 11am to 7pm.

+91 90 420 72639

Chennai based artist Sandhya Manne creates oil paintings and intricate Zentangle ink drawings. She is India’s first Certified Zentangle Teacher, she has shared her knowledge and expertise, teaching Zentangle at Art centers and Community colleges in the USA before relocating to Chennai. She advocates Zentangle for mindfulness by offering regular corporate sessions, private and monthly group Zentangle workshops at her studio, as well as through engaging online courses touching the lives of aspiring artists both near and far.

The heart of my artistic theme for this collection is the ethereal beauty of flowers. Each bloom encapsulates profound symbolism, representing concepts from love and beauty to growth and resilience. Flowers bloom as a constant reminder of the cyclic nature of life, the fleeting beauty of existence, and the enduring essence of the human experience.

Oil paintings serve as the cornerstone of my artistic expression, enabling me to capture the elegance and beauty of flowers. The rich, luscious pigments of oil paints allow me to achieve depth and luminosity, establishing an intimate connection with the subject. Interwoven seamlessly within the oil paintings is the captivating art of Zentangle collage. The rhythmic repetition of intricate patterns and motifs, intertwined with floral elements, fosters a dynamic dialogue between the structured and the organic, the intentional and the spontaneous. This infusion breathes life into each piece, suffusing serenity and engaging viewers to find solace, as though they are wandering through a secret garden of the mind.

Texture plays a pivotal role in my process, as I use cold wax for medium with a palette knife to sculpt tactile surfaces on canvas. The interplay of light and shadow adds dimensions to my floral compositions, while the textural elements become a metaphor for the complexities and layers of emotions that flowers evoke, serving as a reminder of the depth within ourselves.

My artistic journey is an ever-evolving expedition of self-discovery —a symphony of colors, textures, and motifs resonating with the human soul. Through the dynamic interplay of Zentangle collage over the oil paintings, and the enduring theme of flowers, I aim to create a captivating visual experience that celebrates the beauty of life, the complexity of emotions, and the serenity of mindfulness. I invite viewers to immerse themselves in my collection, “Blossoms in Bloom: A Floral Fantasy,” and to wander through the secret garden of the mind.


Blossoms in Bloom – A Floral Fantasy Paintings Exhibition by artist Sandhya Manne in Jehangir