The Spectrum Of Colours – Paintings And Sculptures Exhibition By 9 Contemporary Artists In Jehangir

The Spectrum Of Colours – Paintings And Sculptures Exhibition By 9 Contemporary Artists In Jehangir

From: 2nd to 8th May 2023 

“The Spectrum of Colours”  

 An Exhibition of Paintings & Sculptures 

By Laxminarayan  Sharma, Mamta Sharma, Rupesh Patil, Kumar Gaikwad, Raju Autade, Kalpana Arya, Chetan Vaity, Makrand Joshi, Shreyas Khanvilkar.


Jehangir Art Gallery 

Auditorium Hall 

161-B, M.G.Road 

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: +91 9594103078 / +91 9867693692  /  +91 9867693692

Spectrum of colours

A group of 9 contemporary talented artists are showing their latest paintings and sculptures in different mediums and styles in Jehangir Art Gallery, M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001 from 2nd to 8th May, 2023 between 11 am. To 7 pm

This show was  inaugurated on 2nd May 2023  by Sukanya Mone(Actress), in the presence of Mr. Sandeep Shukla(General Secretary Mumbai Congress),  Ankur Kakatkar(Director), Amir Tadwalkar(Actor), Suchitra Gosavi(Actress), Vishwanath Sable(Dean – Sir JJ School of Art), Nitin Jadia(Art Lover) and  others. 

 Laxminarayan Sharma – He works in realistic style and has specialised in landscapes and portrait paintings. He has been actively working since last 40 years in art field. He has participated in about 75 solo and group art exhibitions and achieved Guinness Book of World record participation award & received many awards for his presentations. His works illustrate glimpses of Indian culture and tribal life / culture. 

 Mamta Sharma – She is a contemporary creative artist. She had her art education in Raheja School of Arts, Mumbai and Sir J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai.  She is a proud recipient of  prestigious awards as well as achieved Guinness Book of World record participation award,

She has actively participated in about 50 solo and group art exhibitions.  She works in  style and has been obsessed by love for nature and musical instruments. Her works prominently display iconic motifs based on nature, vivid emotions in human mind and rhythm of music in an expressive style. 

 Rupesh Patil – He is a professional fine artist and has showcased his thematic works in several solo and group art exhibitions all over the globe. A proud recipient of many national and international awards including Prafulla Dahanukar national award, he has been obsessed by Indian Culture, heritage and beauty of nature. He has done several custom made artworks and specialises in water colours / pastels.  His works on Indian culture & religions have been widely applauded by the art world. 

  Kumar Gaikwad – His works reflect Indian culture and its heritage. He strives to capture the essence of Indian culture and traditions through his art.  His works denote bright colours having thematic peculiarity and white backgrounds. His works are indicative of attractive colours and stylized forms in the unique stylish expressions. 

 Raju Autade – He works in Acrylic colours which mostly reveal a disciplined use of dots and vivid geometrical shapes. His works depict typical stylish presentation of various realms of life in an expressive style marked by unique iconic motifs and their colourful hues. 

 Kalpana Arya – Her works denote simplicity and memoirs of old walls, narrow lanes and by lanes in rural areas and lifestyle of the folk in that area. The works also depict the vignettes of vintage memories of her stay in that region. The works have a nostalgic visual perspective and denote apt colour combinations to suit the thematic peculiarity and relevance. Her cityscapes are very attractive and stylish. 

 Chetan Vaity – His sculptures in White marble showcase vivid realms of life in urban area and glimpses of historical traditions and heritage of Indian culture. His works e.g. Hourse and others indicate his thoughtful and innovative peculiarities to adorn the works with the desired visual effects in apt perspectives. His works are mostly the wonderful twists to the traditional forms as well as indicative of good craftsmanship. 

 Makarand Joshi – His works in Water colours are bright and attractive. They are stylish and innovative and indicate the keen observational ability and creative instincts prevalent in him.  The works have a totally different look having been adorned with the desired visual perspectives and parameters in apt arena. Good perspective and stylish presentation of the theme in an attractive form and perspective are the special features of the works. 

 Shreyas Khanvilkar – His works reflect the subtle nuances of the experience in Navy and Kinetic arts in relevant perspectives of visual fine arts. It shows an artistic amalgamation of old traditional and modern versions and modules of Indian Art & Culture. His works emphasize various philosophical aspects and dynamism in life and their relevant norms on an emotional plane. 


The Spectrum Of Colours – Paintings And Sculptures Exhibition By 9 Contemporary Artists In Jehangir