Film THE KARELA STORY  An Agenda And Confusion For Sensible Audience

Film THE KARELA STORY An Agenda And Confusion For Sensible Audience

By – Raja Sarfaraz Ahmed

Recently released “The Karela Stories”  in Headlines since its trailer furlough When Film Maker Sudipto sen Cliamed ” Forceful conversion of 3000 of Non-Muslim girls into Islam”  along with his group of writers Suryapal Singh and Vipul Amritlal Shah, who is also the producer of Film well within few days of trailer release the number was reduced from 30000 to three only and Filmmakers claimed the fact has been taken from some websites which are not obtainable anymore. Well, Bollywood is a medium for Making Films on subjects that can portray any story, and finally, censorship is given by the Film Board called Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)  since 1951.

Earlier Films were made on Love, Brotherhood, Faith, Humanities, and Inspirational Fabric but now It seems to be a few Film Makers coming from watsap university who are trying to hurt the socio-economic fabric of India. India is a Nation of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians,  Jains, and a lot more but something which is logic less is made a topic to sell like hotcakes just to trigger the emotions of one community and target some other.

We Noticed Hashtags  and campaign  Boycott against Sharukh, Salman Khan, and Amir Khan because of their  sir names  no matter how the subject is, only because  they have settled on the value of Culture and Art even though they front a lot of hatred from Orthodoxal doctrine.

Well, “Film The  Karela” story is based on facts of no check and it seems like Filmmakers lack research value so copy-pasted some specialties that some Website has shown which is very insulting especially when Scholars are creating miracles to reach the roots of the subject.

With this, the Filmmaker is questioning the law and Defense system when it is been shown how girls are been seized outside India in so large numbers and forced to join ISIS a terrorist organization,  which is a question mark on the Defense system and Agencies as well that are not they aware of because there is nospecialitiesial data for this! When the description of the trailer was altered from thirty thousand to 3 only then film the maker himself giving the proof to be a fool who is misusing the emotions of a community and spreading hatred in the Country and disturbing the peace of the Nation, I desire to say that Why he didn’t make a Film on  Mohan Kumar Vivekanand also known as Cyanied Mohan who preyed on women looking for marriage, A Mengalore fast track court tried and convicted him for Murder of 20 women who used to  Rap girls and kill them by giving cyanide? If he wanted to showcase the subject of women empowerment and something from Karela.

When will Bollywood stop portraying Muslims in Negative Roles wearing Black Shalwar Kurta, A black Stall, Beared and Kajol in the eyes cutting Meat, or Running behind someone taking a weapon or knife?  Is that the Definition of Muslims in the Film industry?

Well, the Film has not only created controversy for Falsely Claiming that thousands of women were being converted to Islam and recruited by ISIS but again created a wave of Unrest in India among people who follow the wrong agendas and those who love India to be a peaceful Nation.

Well logically this film is an agenda film that will be only appreciated by those who keep their agenda as a priority but Technically this film lacks cinematography, Adha Sharma (Fatima Ba ), the girl who Narrates her Ordeal singled by A Salafi center In Karela who ends up as a terrorist who has left no sympathy more and cross the line, well this is again a big question that is crossing the line so easy in modern system of defense? The girl from Thrivanthapuram tumbles in love with a Muslim becomes pregnant, marries another Muslim man,  converts to Islam, and epitomizes herself as a “Robotic Slave”  to Accomplish a dangerous mission in Syria.

Here we are not competent to understand the fact by the centre of the story that who is more brain washed, The Protagonist or the architects of Film who forcefully are trying to showcase the structure with no base and also the way she is defensing the Borders is very Childish and logic less comes off like everyone can cross a boarder if manipulation was so easy, well  the Harsh dialogues being used and you do not know how film gets against  ISIS to  anti Islam creating Islamophobia, Actually it seems that the lines written on script are lines drawn against the particular religion by using words like Sharia and the actors are over showing  cinematic terror rather to show good acting  skills, well another  baseless thing is how can a girl studying Nursing befool someone so easily is also another drawback of loose plot,  Besides Adha Sharma and her mother the performance of actors is very inadequate, even in a seen when Bloodshed and killings are shown few protagonist actors seem like assembling lightness, Even The acting of Dead body is not done professionally ,it could have been improvised ruther to use extra mind in exemplifying hatred against the Islam in few scenes  and making it an Agenda baseless and logic less film,  well former chief ministers quote is mentioned in a dialogue that Karela will come to be an Islamic State in 20 years but the film has no official record to prove it to audience  such a big mystry which is been concocted and with no solution, Films are made to Solve and Show case if such things will be portraites carelessly then what will happen is something a serious matter of concern. 

In a scene where Campus walls are decorated with Slogans of “Free Kashmir” and Graffiti supporting Osama bin Laden is a set of Ideas in the background to make it visually  correct but, in Karela, nothing happened like this earlier before, How Hijhas ab has been Misunderstood in Film is unfortunate the symbol of modesty and spiritual Decurum is misused just to build the value to seen and add length to the lot.

Conclusion.  Well, you can earn money from agenda films but no respect: such directors and storytellers may not be Appreciated and before signing a film actors must also be deep into the script so that they are treated as Icons but such scripts will not create magic also such things may not be appreciated on TV channels for TRP too if Nationalism is a priority then show India as the biggest Secular country will be better rather point out baseless and logical issues.

Raja Sarfaraz is a PHD Scholar ,Actor /Director and  Columnist 

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Film THE KARELA STORY An Agenda And Confusion For Sensible Audience